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Hi, how are you everyone, i am Maxcell Kordongue, todays i share for you an article on the social media visibility.


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The balance the 4 types of balances (including the one you probably value). The art of balance in the social media design community is hard to understand, but it is worth it. A great way to look at balance is to imagine that every element of your design has a “weight behind it”.

Clearly define your goals – all social networks are tools that you don’t use effectively unless you have clearly defined your goals. Instagram marketing: it could take on different aspects at the whim of marketers. Are you looking to: develop your company’s notoriety? Get new leads? Establish your company as a market leader? Stimulate your business?

3 questions to help you – why have an instagram account? What is my target audience / who am I targeting?

What do I have to offer them? choose your visual theme make pretty pictures to make the profile attractive better post pretty pictures… it seems to be commonplace, but then you’re able to find that in use, especially when you’re just starting out, it’s not that simple… don’t forget that photography is an art…

Here are 5 basic rules to know – use recurring visuals and details : shape, graphic pattern… the rule of thirds ( +link ) take care of the framing use take care of the background

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Your answers will improve you have a professional facebook page? Your prospects and customers can therefore get in touch with you very easily by private messages or publications. This is an asset for your auto-enterprise, but internet users like to get immediately the information they are looking for.

From “rich media” you will share rich media is the fact of sharing several types of media in the same publication to decide more engagement from your audience.

Overall, you get more feedback on posts that mix several contents, for example: video text links photos sound.

Advertise on facebook ads 15 simple but devilishly effective tips to animate your facebook page and get more fans! 13 there’s no mystery… to recruit your first fans, it’s better to find the money in your wallet and agree to pay for a little bit of targeted advertising.

This will help you to attract your first fans, but also to give visibility to your best content. From time to time, you should also boost your articles via facebook ads, but be careful not to become “facebook ads addict”, i.e. you should systematically boost all the posts in order to have a minimum of visibility. 1. Be different from the others.

Or better… be unique according to some statistics brought by facebook recently, users are fans of 60 pages on average on the social network. If you want to be able to retain them in an optimal way, you will have to stand out and therefore take a lot of time to ask yourself the right questions and thus be able to draw up an innovative medium-term strategy as much as possible.

2. Set up a non-generic and personalized welcome tab most of the time, selecting a fan page on facebook will take you directly to its “wall”, which will then contain the latest shared elements.

This one means nothing about you or your organs as a whole, so it results in low user interest. Try then to create a personalized “home page”, with solutions such as static fmbl or tigerlily to name a few.

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